Corvette Supercharged Hot Rod, 1980, Street Driven
sold with a Best Offer of US $11,000.00

1980 Corvette with 355 and 6-71 Dyer blower/supercharged. Very tame for the street but a good runner with lots of torque and lots of looks! Car has power steering and brakes, power windows, new seats, new one piece Astro removable smoked gray roof, new supercharger belt , new alternator, new ball joints. The transmission is a B & M turbo 350 and it was just rebuilt with "sturdy" components. Ceramic coated headers. Has antique plates. Pictures of the car in stock form are also with the car. Tires are like new and wheels are polished alloy. Electric fan and fuel pump. The A.C. does not work and the sidepipes are just for show...the exhaust ends after the mufflers before the back axle. The paint is probably original as it is thin and has some imperfections. The hood is rather "rough-cut" but a new hood goes with the car. I bought the car with the intention of racing it at local 1/8" airport drag strips but the airport drags were shut down by Penndot before I ever got the chance to race it. I cannot therefore tell you what it turns . On the same note I do not have any build sheets or spec sheets.... I bought the car from a used car dealer who failed to find all of this out when he bought the car. I can tell you it runs and drives great, is real tight and reliable, and always attracts a crowd at the cruises.

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