Sunny Day in an Alaskan Rain Forest (Pics)

posted with owner's permission

A couple of months ago I put up a couple of shots at the request of a poster who wanted to see some flares (installed). At that time (and again recently) I promised to get some pics up when I got the car done. I'll stop a bit short of saying it's REALLY done... but it's close enough.

We've had a week or so of sunny weather here in Southeast Alaska and yes, we are technically a rain forest. I live in Juneau and there are no roads into/out of Juneau. We have about 170 -180 miles of streets and roads, but none that link to another road system without the use of a ferry or barge. In any case, it was unusual to get this does of sunny weather, so I used the time to get a few shots on a day that would allow me to shoot outside the garage.

The car started life as a (Canadian) 1981 Corvette. The previous owner had dropped a good bunch of $$$ into the engine (400 hp at the flywheel) and that's the only part of the car that I didn't really tear down (although I did replace a few components like carb/manifold/air cleaner).

I got a good deal of coaching from regular contributers to this forum (which is another reason I'm following up with this post). As far as the body work goes, 69MyWay's website was hugely helpful:
http://mcspeed.homestead.com/Flare_Install.html And so was Chris when I dropped him a line by PM a time or two.

I should mention Durango Boy too. D-Boy and I collaborated on a fuel filler hatch you'll see pictured below.

There have been others as well.... let's just say that 4 or 5 years of lurking and absorbing while I pulled this thing apart and put it back together basically got me to what you see in the pics.

The particulars:

The body parts that aren't stock are fiberglass and came from ACI. (Flares, Bumper Covers, Side Exhaust Covers, Hood)

The tires are Michelin Pilot Sports and the wheels are Budnik Shotgun. As recommended by Chris on his website the sizes are:18x9.5 front on a 4.5" bs and 18x12 rear on a 5" bs. Tires are 275 35 18 rear 335 30 18 front. B F Goodrich (owned by Michelin I think) also makes tires in these sizes but I have heard they are a noisy tread pattern.

The paint colors: I wanted Mopar's Inferno Red, I ended up with a close proximity from the Jeep (another Mopar line) chip chart for 2008. The black hood stripe and gas hatch lid are a black pearl also from the Jeep chip chart for 2008.

The side exhaust are "Sweet Thunder". They're a bit louder than I wanted... but they do sound sweet!

I used a certian "MID" west company for the seat/door skin replacements. (Am not sure they are a sponsor on this forum) They sewed them up with black leather and "electron red" thread which very closely matches the exterior color.

You'll notice some mount holes on the back deck. These always prompt questions. This car was optioned with the roof panel racks which screw into the mounts. I have the racks but didn't have them for the pics.


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