Winning bid: US 9,200.00

Let me start by saying that after several Corvette shows with hundreds, if not thousands, of other Corvettes, I feel comfortable in saying this 1977 Corvette is TRULY ONE OF A KIND and probably the most popular and attention-getting daily driver Vette under $15,000 on the planet!

I started with a 1977 Corvette that had the original motor and tranny rebuilt shortly before I purchased it and then did a FULL FRAME UP restoration to end up with what you see before you.

It has been completely restored with the custom paint, interior, trim, and moldings. As a matter fact the ONLY thing left to do is buy 2 front “Run Flat” Michelin tires to match the 2 new rear tires. Then you are show ready. I have pictures documenting its full restoration and if it wasn't for my credit cards raising my interest rates beyond belief, I would be enjoying this Vette for years to come.

The reserve is set much lower than other “average” 1977 Corvettes and I expect whoever buys this car will be VERY HAPPY. In fact, I guarantee it!

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