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Vehicle Description

Up for auction is this nice Corvette, and it is quick! 1981 model that was rebuilt & enhanced in many ways over the last 6 years. Since it got so close to the reserve during the last auction, I'm re-listing this car again. The car belongs to a friend and I will answer any & all questions as guickly and accurately as I can. If you get into some of the more technical questions, I'll need a few days to get the info from the owner. I've given this car a "once over" and will describe it as I see it. I went for a test drive too and then quickly parked it back in the garage, it's really fast (estimating 550+ hp).

You Corvette fans know the codes on the VIN, so I won't go into those on this listing. Let me frist start with the Exterior. The paint is 6 years old. It does have some typical chips (only a few) and a sign of some spider webbing on the corners of the front bumper (photo may not show this, they're not too large or bad looking). The paint does still have a nice shine to it and polishes up nicely. The T-tops are only a few years old and have the reflective glass in them. All the other glass is in really good condition, however all the windows (including the windshield) are tinted with a light tint. Some of the tint needs replaced, but nothing that's needed immediately. There's one photo that shows the clear plexiglass headlight covers. They're in good shape and back on the car (I took them off to clean it up). Tires are BFGoodrich Radial T/A's P245/60R15 all around. Rims are in good shape, but could use a good buffing to bring the shine back.

The Interior is about 5 years old and is an Ecklers Corvette replacement kit, tan / beige in color, leather and is in very good condition. The dash is clean, the guages all work and are in very good condition along with the door panels, carpet and headliner components. Radio is a Pioneer AM/FM/CD unit with removable face plate. Features on the car are:
Power Windows(a little slow but working), Power Door Locks, Tilt Wheel, A/C, Cruise Control, Manual Remote Side Mirrors (remotes on each door), Visors (Pass. has a mirror), Power Driver Seat, Rear Window Defroster and Removable T-Tops.

Okay, now the engine / drive train:
Chevy 350 c.i. with Model #P600B ProCharger SuperCharger, 650 cfm Holley Blower Carb., GM Steel Crank Shaft, J&E Dish Pistons, Port & Polished Dart Steel Heads, Comp Roller Rockers, MSD Ignition, BTE Blower Torque Converter, Turbo 350 Transmission w/ shift kit.
Power is estimated at 550hp. It was taken to the track once and ran the 1/4 in the low 12's.
410 Gears in the Rear (owner also has a set of 348 Gears that go with it if interested).
New Stainless Steel Caliper brakes, disc brakes all around.
3" exhaust w/ Flowmasters.
This car is incredibly strong and fast. Please don't call me on the fuel mileage, 'cause if you're interested in that, this car isn't for you. This car will move. It's a great driver, looks really sharp, drives nice and shows well. You won't be disappointed.

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