1977 Blown and Flamed Corvette


Here is my friends 1977 Corvette Stingray, who I am helping him sell here on ebay and locally as well. His taste has changed, and is wanting a new bike. So this goes on the block for sale.
This car is not perfect, but on a 10 scale, I would give it a seven and a half. The paint is beautiful, with only a few imperfections here and there. Mostly on the drivers side rear quarter, and on the drivers door, which we tried to highlight in the photos. Also has a scratch by the headlight, as seen in photos. Again, I am trying to mention all the flaws as best I can.
As far as the power train goes, it has a Wieand Supercharger,#144, which needs the top pulley replaced, as you can see in photo which he is holding in his hand. It will work with the pulley replaced. The motor itself is a 350, with a 2800 stall converter. The tranny is a 700 R4, which shifts perfectly. We don't even need to get into what it sounds like, just don't fire it up to early on Sunday morning.
It has NO fiberglass cracks at all. And the interior is in very good shape. The tires are next to new. This car only needs a little more tlc to make near perfect. I also wish we could have had a little more sunshine so you could see the color for what it really is. But this was the only morning we could get together for the photos.