1972 Winged Corvette
what the hell were you thinking.....

Vehicle Description



This car is awesome in every way!

The paint is fresh, about 3 months old and looks fantastic. the engine has been detailed and also looks great. This Vette is ready for show! there has been so much done to the car it will be hard to list, but here we go.

        New seat covers and foam

        New brake work

        New universals on the half shafts

        New paint

        New dash

        New rubber seals on the interior ( doors & t-tops ect...)

        New front spoiler

        New exhaust LT1 style tips

        New emblems on the whole car

        New carpet

        New carpet mats

        new interior lights

        new exhaust work

I think I have covered just about everything as best as I could. This is not a numbers matching car and it still runs great, it will make a great show and shine car. There is a lot to admire and stair at, this car get enormous attention at shows. Lets list some things that you will need to look at down the road eventually. The drive shaft universal joints, the trans has a small leak just a few drips, the valve cover gaskets leek a little oil on the exhaust manifolds but is not hurting the drivability at all, the left front brake caliper will need looked at as we changed the right front one all ready and it stops and brakes fine, this is a A/C car and everything is there but the compressor has never been hooked up since I have owned the car, all the switches work on the dash for the heat and A/C and fan, the wipers are not working and need a new motor since I never drove the car in the rain I keep forgetting about them. The clock still works and keeps time (AMAZING), I have tested all the gauges in the car and this is what I have come up with, the temp gauge reads hotter than the actual temp is and the oil gauge reads a little less than the actual pressure is. The exhaust is tight and sounds great. This car is only a little effort away from being the perfect custom Vette on the road. It looks great and is ready for a new owner. Good luck with your bidding and if you have 0 feedback you must contact me first (xxx-xxx-xxxx )or your bid will be canceled without hesitation. I will have the car in the trader style magazines and reserve the right to end the auction early if I receive an offer I can't refuse. I own a corvette accessory business and have been around corvettes for about 15 years and can tell you that the 72 corvette will be a excellent investment in the near future. The C-2 vettes are unattainable in price and the rest of the bumper cars will follow (68 - 72). Thanks and if you are looking for any Corvette parts or accessories just call.

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