1968 Corvette convertible

Vehicle Description
This car is a rat, but an interesting one. It has a no. matching 350 hp. 327 engine with a 4 speed. It needs to be restored but is very clean underneath with no rust. The car has too much paint and a small fracture in the hood where it looks like they had too long a bolt in the air cleaner. It appears to have an Eckler type front end on it with fixed headlights. It has rear fender flares which cover 11" tires. I have owned the car for 18 years and the brakes are fine so I can only assume they are stainless calipers. I have replaced the aluminum radiator with a brass one. The windshield wiper door does not open and I have the wipers disconnected as I never drive it in the rain. The convertible top and rear widow are in good shape as the pictures show. I also have the fiberglass top which matches the car and is included in the sale. The taillight lenses are also aftermarket. I have no idea how many miles are on the car as the odometer does not work. The tach is not hooked up as they have the distributor in wrong and I never took the time to change it. Low book on this car is $25,995.00 [look it up on the web] and my reserve is way below that as I know it is a non stock unit, but it is a very solid and mechanically sound car and I'm not going to give it away. I know the tires are old, but otherwise the car runs and drives fine. I don't think the car has spent a night outside in the last 18 years. Please feel free to ask any questions and good luck bidding

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