1968 Corvette Big Block Roadster Project
7500 buy it now / did not sell

1968 Corvette Big Block Roadster Project - Relisted Now Lower Price and With Headlight Assemblies

Paint Code: 976

Interior Code: STD

The motivation for this project was to construct a tribute to the Jim Garner AIR cars of 1968 and/or similar corvettes that raced at LeMans in the late 1960’s.

I purchased the rolling chassis 2 years ago. It is a 1973 Big Block, Auto chassis. It had been sandblasted and epoxy painted. This is about the cleanest chassis I have ever seen. I was told it was from Georgia. You can even note original chassis stamping on it, the kind that any type of surface rusting would quickly obliterate. The paint job is not perfect, and needs touchup here and there. There are still a few bare spots.

The engine, a 454, is original to the chassis and has been fully rebuilt. I converted the rolling chassis to 4-speed using all corvette parts. The trans is a 1975 Super T10, but I can supply a core 1973 Muncie to the winning bidder at no charge. Note it the photos that this car has the HD rear end (code AWW) and the rear sway bar; both items that mark it as a true big-block chassis.

I purchased the body about a year and a half ago and married it eto the chassis. Note that it is sitting high right now, because I used a later model set of rubber mounts, where the original mounts were fairly thin aluminum discs in 1968. Most of the hard-to-find 1968 front bumper and radiator bracketry has been bolted to the 1973 chassis to support the nose. 1968 outer bumper irons are still needed, if you decide to run a chrome bumper on the front (race cars usually did not).

There is a lot missing, i.e. seats and interior parts, as well as the soft top mechanism. There is a lot here, as well: Near mint frame, excellent body, 6500 RPM tach, and original radio. Also, note original Astro Ventilation windows. Hard top is basically a core. There are no interior panels, but again, this would be perfect for a race car tribute.

Tires are rollers only, braking system will need to be replaced. A front wiring harness is needed. The metal in the tub is very solid. Please note the pics that show the #4 body mounts. These are very solid and sound. Car comes with a hinged and latched convertible lid.

Also included: New radiator and new fuel tank. NOW With HEADLIGHT Assemblies as shown.

Currently, I have replaced most of the front end: Ball Joints, Idler Arm, etc. I have not performed an alignment.

The car is currently not running, but over the course of this week, I will install the fuel tank, ignition, radiator and exhaust.

Reason for selling: I have 3 other corvettes and realize that I do not have time to finish and enjoy this project. However, I will not give this car away either.

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