1974 Mystery Manta

Vehicle Description 

Mystery Manta, Maco, Motion, Speciality Corvette? Restoration Project No Reserve
Up for auction is a specialty bodied Florida titled 1974 Corvette. A mysterious looking yet radical boat-tailed specialty body reminiscent of the early seventies muscle cars like the Baldwin-motion vehicles. 

Understanding that Motion performance in the seventies was selling new cars that they modified, modifying customerís cars, as well as selling custom body parts it is unclear whether this one fits any one of the above categories. Just on appearance alone it appears to be a mix between a Baldwin Motion, Manta Ray and Maco Corvette body. Especially, the Manta rear design and the front look of a Maco shark corvette. 

I donít want to misrepresent this car because the heritage on this one is obscured by time and circumstances. Bottom line: It needs a home and place to be brought to life. This is a no reserve auction so it will be sold. 

So what we are auctioning is a rare Corvette that desperately in need of a ground up restoration and is an excellent candidate or platform to be the envied at your next Corvette gathering.

The value of this Corvette is based upon the unique exotic style body sitting on a rolling frame. T-tops that function as engineered. The factory tunnel-style rear window was replaced with larger sloping and fastback side windows, with louvers, to create the fastback effect with plenty of sunlight into the rear interior compartment. Also, the tail was reworked to incorporate custom lights, gas filler door and a wing type spoiler. 

It currently has a donor 1968 small block 307 cu. in. motor that does not turn over and a two-barrel carburetor. Additionally, this muscle car has power steering and brakes (inoperable) with a four speed transmission like 80% of the 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1972, 1973, 1974 classic corvettes of this decade. 

It comes with the original rear end, solid frame and rust free bird cage. Another mystery is the 1972 louvers in the front fenders. Iím wondering if Tennessee didnít get the year wrong on this one. Regardless, it is clearly titled as a 1974 Corvette. 

The black interior needs to be restored. The custom steering wheel sports a GT emblem in the center. The top of the shifter is missing. The exterior side mirrors are included just not installed. 

The exterior sports a red primer finish. The tires are new with 85 to 90% of the thread remaining. The wheels are American Racing in the true tradition of an American Car. Only other wheels nicer would be a set of turbine-style wheels that were a common choice for motion cars in the seventies. 

This classic comes with a clear Florida title. 

The ID# is DMV 31256. The known information on this Corvette is that it was stolen, recovered, and rebuilt. The VIN plate was stolen and the state of Tennessee gave it a new ID number plate. 

Mileage is 91,130 miles

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