1980 Project Corvette 

Vehicle Description
Hello and thanks for looking at my 1980 vett. i have a body shop and really need the room and this car have just been sitting here taking up space.i put the different front end on the car and primed it then moved on the other project. Let me tell you this vett really moves it has a 350 turbo 350 trans. the car has just been sitting for a while so the brakes need some work, they stop the car there just low. As for the body it is in primer and is ready for paint, it does have the special front end on it and the rear spoiler. the interior needs some work but everything is there. you can find kits for these cheap on ebay. this is a great car to restore because it isn't that far from done. if you wanted to make a couple of bucks you could even paint it and throw it back on eBay. there isn't really else to say about this car,they are getting rare in another 5 years these cars aren't going to be easy to find at all and for the condishion this vett is in i say its a good deal. if you want we could even work something out to have this car painted after words as i said i have a body shop.

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