1969 Coupe Project Corvette

Vehicle Description

This is a 1969 Corvette Project car. It has the rear sway bar and heavy duty rear end (308) I believe. Two fuel lines for Rochester carbureted cars as a 390 Horse car would have. It has the Transistorized Ignition box still attached to the inner fender. The tac has a 5600 red line as the 390 and 400 Horse cars had. The tac and speedo are excellent. It has the large Harrison (original) radiator and core support.

The frame has no damage and no rust it is in excellent condition. All components are there, Calipers etc. There is no rust in the core support or the birds cage that I can see. There is some on the windshield frame but it is not that bad and there are no holes in it. I have taken some pictures of this area. I do have all the trim, it was removed to replace the windshield and to see how the frame was. I did not replace the wind shield.

The black dash components are out of a 1970. There is no shifter console but the shift plate is there. No mufflers. There is the spare tire carrier and lid and Gas tank, etc. I think all of the head light parts are there. See pictures!!!

The body looks good over all with the nose of the car needing the most attention. When you look up inside the nose area it looks like someone tried to fix it in the dark. I have taken lots of pictures so you can get a good idea of what it is. The lower valance is GM smc. It comes with a standard hood as there was no hood on it when I got it. T- tops are complete All bumpers are there except on of the under riders for the front. only one grille piece.

Both door are complete and function well. I have added a few other small Items since taking the pictures (over flow tank, wiper bottle, head light actuators etc.) but what you see is what you get. I dont have the hub for the steering wheel or the steering wheel. The rims are very nice and the tread is good but the tires are old.

This was a no option car from what I can see, only 427 T.I. The trim plate That comes with the car is ZQ4- Black 986- Cortez silver and build day O-22 November 22nd. The VIN# is 194379S733186. It looks like the car was originally Blue on Blue.

Included is a 427 4 bolt block dated I-23-8 casting 3955270. There are some problems with the block in the lifter area. It has been brazed and need to have the lifter holes sleeved, and there are two other cracks that need to be looked at. This would not be a cheap repair but it would be a great motor if it was fixed and made a 435 horse. The bore is 60 over.

This car needs some one to make her whole again as I think it has been sitting around for a long time. Great project!


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