1982 Collector Edition Corvette 

Ebay description:

Vehicle Description HI Everyone! Okay, I have a lot to tell about this Beautiful 1982 Collectors Edition Corvette! First off, its had 3 owners, one of those being my father who gave this vehicle to me as a graduation present! I am getting married, and selling this to get more of a "family" vehicle. First things first, The Outside body is In good condition, there are no blemishes in the fiberglass! Now as far as the paint job, this is custom, but is about 7-8 years old. The paint is in good condition except for 2 places, BUT i did go over it with touch up paint as you can see in the picture. From 20ft, probably cant even tell. Now this is going on 26 years old so please understand there are a little scratches throughout the body! There are some one the T-Tops that i would consider the worst, but i did use touch up on most of the bad ones! Now then, the parts on the car. All the parts in the car are Original except the following: Installed a CD/AM/FM Player After-market starter After-market alternator, 4 Very nice wide tires! Okay, Electrical issues....This car has Electric Seats but they only move forward (think its a fuse, they can be moved back manually. Cruise Control Does Not Work Power Windows Work GREAT! Power Locks Do NOT work! Headlights STAY UP! They can go down manually, but I always leave them up! All of the Windshield Wipers, Headlights, Tail lights, T-Tops, etc..are in good condition. The interior is in fair condition, the doors are the only part showing that are in bad condition, other than the seats that i have covered up with seat covers anyways. The doors have some rips (see pictures) in the top area of the upholstery. The Gas Gauge does not work, and either do the other gauges on the middle console area (oil, temperature, battery etc...) think its just a wire, or fuse, nothing big. Air Conditioner Works, but does need to be charged with freon. Heater works Very well! Newer battery which as you probably know is carried in the back hatch in a under box. Corvette has dual exhaust, and really gets up and goes! I just had someone look the vette over, and they said there were no leaks or major issues. The Vette is in overall good condition for someone to drive on a daily basis or have as a project. I do want you to know that when the vette is shifted into drive, the car will make a "jolt", I had this looked at, and it is nothing big, basically they said that there is a bolt missing that goes from the transmission to the motor, or it may just be loose, and that is causing the sound. The car needs a tune up. The only thing mechanically wrong with it is the spark plugs, whenever you first start it or stop it, it acts like it wants to die sometimes, other than that when your going, it is a smooth perfect ride! I am located in Sallisaw, Oklahoma zip code is 74955. I am not responsible for shipping. Buyer is responsible for picking the car up. Car is bought as is with no warranty. Car has NEVER been wrecked! Mileage has looped one time meaning there is 116000 miles on it, not 16144!!! I am doing this auction with no reserve! There are no vettes out there that look like this one! its definitely one of a kind! If you have any questions just message me here! Keep in mind if you look at the same year and style vette, they are going for 12-14k! This one has custom work, and is definitely less! Thanks for looking, and good luck!

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