1976 Corvette Project

Vehicle Description

Up for your bid consideration is my 1976 Corvette (VIN# 1Z37L6S431604) with SALVAGE TITLE

This was a NICE daily driver up until a year ago when I was hit head on by a Nissan.

I bought this car in 2003, with the intention of keeping through retirement!

In 2005 I installed a new crate motor with transmission, and replaced most of the interior while converting it from Beige to Black. I also installed pretty “mood” lights, navigation system, CD player and all the good stuff ! (Like I said before, I never intended to resell the car, so keeping it “original” wasn’t a concern.)

Since the wreck, I have been using parts off of this car to build another Corvette, and what is left is stuff I do not need.

What you WILL be getting with this car is:

Bent Frame

Intact Body from Firewall back

Complete rear-end with 3 year old Leaf Spring, Shocks, and Brakes

Clean fuel tank (with a little gas left)

4 “Roller Wheels” since I’m keeping the original wheels

Spare Tire Carrier

Luggage Rack (Starting to rust)

Dual Side Pipes with Fiberglass Covers

Complete Doors- (Driver’s door electric window quit working after the wreck)

Semi new (Meaning less than five years old) carpet, rear deck compartment doors & frame

Tilt and Telescopic steering column with ignition keys

Original beige steering wheel (I’m keeping my grant)

Dash & center gages, wiper panel, pass side dash. (Gages all worked before the wreck)


All good glass, wipers

What you will NOT be getting with this sale are:

Engine, Transmission

Original Wheels

Stereo System

Most of the Air Conditioning parts

ANYTHING that was part of, or attached to the front clip

Rear Spoiler (But I’ll leave the 4 mounting holes)


Anything that I have forgotten about

Before the car was wrecked, EVERYTHING worked. I wish I could have checked everything out afterward but it was not possible. Because if this I cannot make any guarantees. (Sorry)

Because of this alone I will sell this car with NO RESERVE!

But if you have a project car you want to get on the road and not be afraid to drive, or if you just need a decent SEMI COMPLETE BODY, this might be your car.


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