1973 Gear Drive Corvette 

Vehicle Description

1973 Corvette Stingray

Solid car, runs and drives.

350 Matching Numbers, turbo 400. Original down to the the dual snorkel air cleaner. Has air, but compressor removed, parts are in box, with brackets. Compressor turns freely.

Someone put a gear drive on the engine, I hate it, possibly can be changed back to timing chain before pickup for a nominal fee.

When I got it, the left headlight assy was broken, I have since purchased one for 300 bucks on ebay, goes with car.

Hood needs aligned, if anyone knows a trick to doing this, please write and tell me, I can do before its sold.

Interior is complete but needs help, for a driver, carpet and door panels would make it decent. I was told when I got it, that it was an original radio delete car, I could not prove that it was, so I sold the delete plate, to pay for the LH headlight assy

The car needs paint BAD, original color was orange, someone put a coat of blue over it. I have started chemically stripping it in the rear with fiberglass paint stripper. Was my intention to paint it, but time and health issues have interfered. I was stuck between 72 Corvette red and the original orange, if it doesn't sell, give me your input as to what would be better for the car.

I had this car up for auction a few months ago, but the auction got cut short because some idiot locally gave me a check for 1500 bucks deposit, then his wife pulled the apron strings and he asked to be let out of the deal.

I am not a vette guy, but vette people had me look at the doglegs and windshield attach points, there is some rust, but not an issue as far as rust through.

Ask ANY Questions, ask for ANY pics or video, but when the auction is done, its SOLD

Now is the time to ask questions, not when you come to pick up the car.

I am not a dealer, I am an Aircraft Mechanic, I bought this car to fix and drive. I have some knowledge and can assist with any questions.


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