1970 454 4 speed Corvette 

Vehicle Description

You are bidding on a 1970 Corvette with a 350 engine and an automatic transmission. This car needs restored and if you have the time and money would be a great car to restore. It was an original 454 4 speed car. It still has the clutch pedal and won’t start unless it is pressed down. The original color was red with black interior. I have had the car for 24 years and have done very little to it and have not driven it very much. Because of this it leaks oil and transmission fluid. If you put transmission in drive it will not shift on its own unless you get on it, but you can start off in low and shift it manually. It also leaks fluid. I have replaced all the brake calipers in the last couple of years and since then I try to start it and move it enough to keep the calipers from leaking. The right fender was damaged when a light post fell on it during a storm. It was patched by my dad so it wouldn’t crack more when I drove it. It needs a better repair. There are some cracks in the fiberglass on the doors. There is some rust on the metal part of the doors. There is some rust on the frame but nothing bad. I tried to take pictures of all the trouble spots. The t-tops leak, it needs carpet and new door panels. I have sold many items on ebay, but never a car. Also there is no wiper motor. This car needs a lot of work. I don’t have the time or money to do this project correct and have lost interest. Please send me a message through ebay with any questions or for my phone number. You can come and look at it in person. It will need to be towed or hauled home. Buyer is responsible for pick up of the car. It is drivable but would not make a long trip.

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