1982 barn act 

Ebay description:

If you think this ad looks familiar, you are right. We listed this earlier in the year only to encounter a NO PAY bidder. PLEASE, SERIOUS BIDDERS ONLY. WE DO NOT ACCEPT PAYPAL.

You are bidding on a 1982 Corvette that is in need of a complete restoration or would make a great parts car since all the parts are there (which is what we purchased the car for). If you pour gas in the carburetor the engine will start right up and continue running as long as you feed it gas. Iím assuming it has a bad fuel pump which I purchased but have not installed.

I apologize for the photos. The car is currently in my horse barn and is wedged in one of the stalls. There was not exactly proper lighting or room to take good quality photos.

All the glass is good. The doors and hood are straight. The left front fender started to pull apart at the bonding strip so I did start to work on this, but it is not completed. I did pull the tire tub and gas tank, sandblasted the tank and tub support, and painted both items (see photos). The car needs new seat covers and carpeting. The frame does have a hole under the passenger and driver side seats, however these are easily repairable. The rest of the frame appears to be in good shape. I have not driven the car so I cannot tell you about the mechanics. Again, this car may be worth more for parts. We all know the price of corvette original parts keep going up, and this car has a lot of nice parts. The 82 parts of tomorrow will soon become as expensive as the 62 parts of today. I am restoring both a 62 and 66 at the present time and just do not have the time or money to take on another project. Since winter is coming on, I am trying to make room in my barn, which is where this car is currently being stored.

This car does have a clear title and original owners manual.

Please ask lots of questions as I want you to be sure this vehicle is what you want before you place a bid.

The seller reserves the right to end this auction early as this vehicle is being advertised locally. All sales are final. This vehicle is being sold "as is" with no warranty, either expressed or implied.


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