1976 Brown Corvette project


Vehicle Description

Thanks for viewing. This is my 1976 corvette and yes, it is a project. A lot of work has gone into this car already and thousands of dollars in parts to get it up to standards.

Engine: 1995 Corvette LT1 engine purchased here on eBAY. 60k miles wired through a reworked oem factory harness by jims performance.

Brakes and exhaust: Over 2000.00 (have receipts) for the entire brake system to be restored including new calipers as well as a new dual pipe exhaust.

Transmission: OEM 4 spd that came attached to the factory L82 HO engine. The tranny was in great shape and was just cleaned. Attached to a brand new flywheel, clutch and pressure plate from Keisler Automotive that will bolt right on to their 5/6speed tranny conversions for the c3.

wheels & suspension: still in the box are $2500.00 worth of brand new suspension parts (front and rear) and a more aggressive 3.55 ring and pinion set all from van steel corvette parts, also a new differential cover. The wheels are 17x10 and 17x8 American racing hopsters with brand new rear tires (still unmounted) and 90% used front tires on them.

body: the bad comes with the body. I replaced the floors with new sheet metal from paragon and everything else looked solid until I dropped the tank and found some rot on the cross member that hides behind it. Its very repairable but I haven't been able to get it done. I didn't want any surprises for the purchaser. The fiberglass itself looks good but the car definitely needs to be stripped down and repainted properly.

I also have two seats from a z06 corvette that are included with the car as the originals were total garbage and these seats are more in theme with what this car will be when done.


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