1975 Corvette Project

Vehicle Description

Vehicle Description 



I have owned this car for 4 years and started the frame off resotration - Unfortuneatly for me, I will be unable to finish it - Bad for me, good for you.... there was only 1664 Corvettes made with this color and ONLY in 1975 - no other year offered it.

This fine car has been stored in a dry barn and has been cared for - The car is without a motor (that's how I got it when I purchased her.) The motor was removed professionally and there are no defects that I am aware of - the body is a 33 year old car and is in need of restoration but has not been hit or damaged. The windshield frame is rusted and should be replaced - This is a common issue with this year of Vette and is not difficult to fix. A good shop will be able to fit a new one for you.

I have many parts and a complete interior - (see pictures) The only missing part that I found when I got her was the windshield trim pieces (exterior) and the Motor (including bell housing) - 4 Speed Transmission is there and looks like it has been cared for. (Appears to be a Muncie M21) She is rolling on basic plain GM rims - No wheel covers or trim rings are included (they were not on her when I got her.)

I purchased this car from a local salvage yard and know the owner. I can give you his contact information and he can tell you what he knows about the car prior to my purchase.

I had started the frame off restoration and was able to remove the car from her frame. I have a lift and it wasn't hard to do. The body mounts will need to be replaced and they are available at numerous suppliers. 

(Corvette Bodies are secured to frame on a group of rubber frame mounts that allow the fiberglass body to stay connected to the frame and not crack.)

This will allow you to spend time working on the frame, making her like new and knowing that she is right from the ground up. The frame is in good shape with only minor surface corrosion. I was preparing her for new fixtures and treating her with POR-15.

You will need to buy new nose & rear bumper covers - both were cracked when I got the car. - The preferred new ones are fiberglass and will look sharp when installed. I have the orginal T-tops (two sets - Original Hard top and soft vinyl ones that are easy on & off.)

I would say that this will be an easy car to get up & running for you and with the available parts, she will be up and running in short order, as long as you are prepared to spend the $$$$. The price range for 1975 Vettes is $ 6,000 for ones in need of work and $15,000 for good ones in running shape.

The base cost of this project car will get you started and when you invest the $5000-7000 to make her complete, you will have a great car that will continue to appreciate in value. 

As this is a project car, I want you to know what you are getting. This is a rolling body and will need to be flat-bedded to your location. She rolls easy and that is how I got her to my place. Please ask questions and I will respond as accurately as possible. If you have the time, effort and resources, you will likely be driving her soon. 

This vehicle comes with no guarantees or warranty. It is a project car and will require you to do the work to get her back in shape. My mechanic looked her over for me and told me it was a good platform to rebuild


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