1980 Corvette
This was listed as a 1978, then I figured out why. Poor things in worse shape than "Project Y" was when I first brought it home.Up for auction is a 1980 Chevy Corvette project car. The reserve is set low so that I do not lose my investment...please bid and this will be yours.

Please DO NOT bid if you do not intend to complete the auction. Attention non-paying bidders...do not waste my time, or other potential buyers time.

This car is a complete project.

Body appears to be in good workable condition. The mileage is probably 138,000. The motor will start and run and the transmission works, but has a leak. The AC compressor is missing. What you see is what you get. I believe I have a mostly complete set of black carpet, used door panels, and other misc. interior parts. There is a lot of work to be done here, but I believe this is a very good base project car.

The motor is a 350 SBC according to the block numbers. IT IS NOT THE ORIGINAL NUMBERS MATCHING MOTOR.

The body is mostly red...with some primer, and other sanded areas.

The car originally had T-tops, which are not here. I do have a 1-piece tinted plastic top for the car. The wheels need cleaned up, and the tires are old, dry-rotted and need replaced, but the do still hold air. 

This car should be trailered or towed to your home. The story I got from the previous owner is that the undercarriage has been redone...brake calipers look newer. I am not attesting to this information, just relaying what I was told. The previous owner was older, and began losing his eyesight and tried to do a lot of work by feel, not by sight. 

This car does not have the pop up headlights, it has the replacement headlight buckets. The lights, turn signals appear to work.

The doors will not open from the outside of the car, but will manually from the catch mechanism. There is no stereo in the car.


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