1979 Corvette project

Vehicle Description

1979/80 Corvette L-82

well let me explain the 79/80 part first. This car is an original 1979, with the front end of a 1980. Fenders, bumper, inpact bars and all. Why? not sure maybe for the bumper and side ground effects, anyway this is the way i bought it.

Dont think there are any others like it, witch makes it unique.

Now lets get to the car. It is an original 1979 with original drive train, the actual mileage is 41,261. it has a 350ci v8 225hp engine. engine has a weiand high rise manifold with a holly double pumper 4 barrel carburator. it has headers as well. The car has glass mirrod t-tops.

Engine serial # Vll 16ZAH as what i found.

The frame is solid on this car, some surface rust is all i found, and the frame has been painted.

The story on this car from what i was told when i bought it is that the person prior had torn the car apart and was in the prosess of coustomizing it, gave up and sold it, this was back in 1982. the car has not been on the road sience than. I bought it and have bought over 3000.00 worth of parts to put it back together. However i am moving and cannot take the car with me.

These are the parts it still needs. a glove box liner, a right dash speaker, air breather, and maybe one elbow and some mounting brakets for the exhaust system. the power door lock actuators are not working, and i have a new wiring harness for the left door. Other than that i have the rest of the parts.

not pictured is the door panels, the inside side are in good shape, but being out of the car so long they did warp out of shape, you can have them fixed, or new ones on ebay would run 300.00. also not pictured is a radio, witch i did buy one off e bay but did not install it.

The brake system is new, and has 4 wheel disc 4 piston brakes with synthetic brake fluid.

The exhaust system is not hooked up, so it cant be driven long distence, the car starts and moves under its own power. the oil pressure gauge pegs out and fuel gauge not working. Front shocks are new. Needs new on rear.

The paint job is fairly new? there are a few runs in it, back buy the rear window, front and rear bumper and in side the pass door frame. these will have to be sanded and touched up, as well as a buffing.

The only vaccume lines hooked up are the ones for the vaccume advanced and the brake booster. Head lights will need a tank or something for them to work but are complete. I have the windsheild washer bottel mounts and motor that needs installed as well as the cruise control.

Will need weather strip for the doors, i will send the ones i have, but you might want new. i also have the window trim for the back window, the top piece and corners are good, the bottom strip has a few dents in it and a little out of shape and are painted, i will send those as well.

All the glass is good, no cracks or broken, there are 4 or 5 minor scratches in the windshild they are not deep, i think they can be repaired.

All of the exterior lights work, the battery is new, but using it for the windows ran it down, will need a charge.


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