1970 Corvette project

This is 1970 Corvette number 2529. It was originally Bridgehampton blue with blue interior, now white with blue. I have the owner history back to 1976 in Ft. Wayne, IN.

This is a barn find car--it has been stored since 1981. I bought it as part of a package of 4 cars that I needed to buy in order to get the 62 Vette I wanted.

It has the original motor--3970010 cast A220 (January 22nd 1970) stamped V0126CTH

It has the original M-21 4speed Muncie, with the VIN on it 70S402529 It's assembly is P0S28B (January 28th, close ratio M-21) It still has the original metal tag on the trans: 3906811WL

It has the original differential 2CA0 12 19 69 (3.70 posi assembled on December 19th 69)

This has the originasl 5-port washer, the original front grilles with only 1 screw hole (the left one has a chip out of it) and it has the original 70 side grilles with the sharp edges that are different from 71 and 72.

The frame is very solid. There is rust in the front crossmember--that is available in reproduction and is easily replace. It still has the original radiator--there is some rust in the bottom of the radiator support but is is usable as is. It has the original 4-speed shifter, original radio, original seats, belts, etc.

The interior is tired--it will need replacement, although the blue dash pad is in good shape with no cracks, etc.

For some reason the owner removed the emblems and letters and mirrors on three of the 4 cars--this one is the only one that is missing them. The holes are all there, ready for the emblems to be reinstalled.

This has the original finned aluminum valve covers---I looked through the oil fill hole on the left one, and discovered that the original left head is there dated A140 The original intake manifold is there, cast A220

The trim tag has B03 (February 3rd 1970) trim 411 (blue) and paint 979 (Bridgehampton blue)

All the window except the windshield are original--there is some rust at the bottom of the windshield frame on each side--not major, but you should know it's there.

Please understand--this has been sitting for 27 years. I'd like to fall in love with it, because it's a 350 horse 4-speed with 3.70 posi, and it's a 70--but my wife keeps reminding me I only bought it so that I could get the 62.

I have't tried to turn the motor over.

No, you won't be able to drive it home. It looks like the owner started to replace the brake hoses on it and never got any farther than that. It is a project car--has had some repair work on the left rear fender, and will need that to be done better to be a really great car.

My reserve is very reasonable for a good, mostly complete, nice original car with great potential. Please bid so that I don't get in trouble with my wife any more than I already am!

Thanks--feel free to ask questions--I'll get back to you as quickly as I can.


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