1968 Big Block Project Coupe

Vehicle Description
1968 Corvette Coupe Project. Engine is a rebuilt 454 from the 70's. It is not the original motor. Trans is a M-22 with a build date of 1967. I do not know if it is original to the car but it could be. It has also been gone through. The car has been stored inside a garage and now in my warehouse. I have never left it outside. The engine bay and drive line has had the most work done to it so far. The shift linkage and clutch pedal assembly needs to be installed. Four wheel disc brakes need to be gone through. It's a project car and needs a complete interior. She has bumpers for the rear and a new long trim molding for the front bumper. I have not messed with any of the above mentioned tasks. I bought the car as a project to get running as a driver and have only stored it. To restore this car properly the body needs a rear clip (@$1100) and a drivers door skin. The passenger door is fine and the front clip looks like it has been replaced. The rear clip could be repaired if you are looking for a driver vette. I have another project that I need to finish so the vette must go. I also have the T tops. They are not original to the car and need some glass repair. The rear clip of this car at some point was involved in a warehouse accident maybe involving a fork lift. It looks as if a pallet slid off the top and back of the car. See pictures of this damage. The rear clip is mounted solid to the body, doors open and close freely. The hood is an after market BB hood that should be replaced. It has a poor fit and would cost too much to repair. Quality replacements are available as is every part to restore this car. Car is primer gray now, came from the factory Safari Yellow/Black interior. Wheels are American Racing Mags, fronts don't match rears (holes are different shape, one a little more square the other a little more oval) They are fine for transport. I have described this project car to the best of my ability. If you have questions please email me. I'll answer any and all questions the best I can. Reserve is low. Thank you for looking at my auction and good luck bidding!!!

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