US $350,000.00
Reserve not met

Vehicle Description

REAL Silva built car.
(Not a home made custom)

Street version of the proto type
Documented 34,000 miles
One of 125 made from 1969 to 1979
Built at John Silva Automotive of Salem, Massachusetts

Gm Design Chief William Mitchell fathered the original concept for the Mako Shark II, and under secret R&D, two prototypes were assembled for public reaction and debut at the New York International Auto Show in April 1965. These show prototypes,
now known as “Mako Shark II” had on overwhelming approval
rating and pushed GM to start the development and near future production of this body style corvette, target date 1967. However,
some production glitches delayed the target date to 1968.

There was some disappointment that the production ‘68 Corvette did not mirror the Mako Shark II show car or carry the logo name.
Even though there was an undermining question about quality of
the assembly line, sales hit a new record for GM.

John Silva recognized a need for a street version of the now famous “boat tail” Mako and produced the body street version shark . The original Mako Sharks had a Big Block V8, but you could get one of Silvas cars with a 350 and 4-speed .
There is a documented sale of a Mako Shark II at Barrett-Jackson
Auction, netted a SOLD,SOLD” at 500,000.

This car has been in Vettevues Magazine, Cruisin’Style Magazine.
This can be yours for 350,000. Come to Ocala, Fl and inspect the car. Car can be viewed on “You Tube Corvette Show Silver Springs” Part 1.

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