1972 Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1 (?) Greenwood

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Vehicle Description

This is an original 1972 Corvette. It became a Greenwood replica sometime around 1978, we think. The current owner is not the original owner, and the car was exactly as it sits when he bought it about 15 years ago. There are not a lot of these cars left around..and this one is a solid example.

Why did I say ZR-1 in the title? Because the center console plaque features exactly that. I won't say that the console is original to this car, in fact, I'm sure it's not. But I WILL say that the plaque is an original ZR-1 plaque. The console appears to be from a '71 model (since it has the LED indicators in it, and those weren't available after '71), so perhaps the plaque is from a '71 ZR-1?

Here are the specs on the car:

• Chevy 350 LT-1 (the current owner was told by the person he purchased it from that it was original) was rebuilt by a local builder about 4,000 miles ago. Check out the pics for the cost in 1997 dollars for the work, as well as the other pic showing all the parts used. We believe that flat top pistons were put in, crank was balanced, and perhaps a mild cam, but not being able to interpret the part #s for myself, I can't swear to that.

• 4 speed automatic transmission (we believe the original)

• Car was originally Classic White.

• Original black LEATHER interior.

• Car originally HAD air from the factory, but the compressor and most of the parts have been removed, the plumbing is all still there.

• Rear anti-sway bar that looks factory.

• Has the original removable rear window, but it has never been taken out by the current owner.

• No power steering.

• No power brakes.

• T-tops have been cut and had tinted plexiglass sections installed. These do NOT leak.

• Door mirrors are from a 77-78 model, and drivers side has been broken off and repaired (thanks to an angry ex-girlfriend).

• 7,000 rpm Tach that is non-operational

• Non-original shifter

• Center console power window switches don't work. Windows are manual crank on the door.

• The center console gauges DO work, with the exception of the original oil pressure gauge. An aftermarket unit was installed below the dash.

• Original console-mounted radio died, and was replaced by a tape player in the console. That in turn, died, and the owner took the car to a local stereo shop to put in a CD player. For some reason, they installed it on the bottom of the dash on the passenger side, and ran the power to the cigarette lighter in the console.

• While the car was at the stereo shop, the employees there took it out hodrodding it, and broke the motor mounts and put the fan into the radiator. That's when the motor was rebuilt, and new mounts installed. The fan shroud was also broken during this, and repaired.

• Paint is not show-quality by any means, but has no major flaws, and still has some shine.

• A-pillars have very little rust, with just some surface rust on the drivers side, no rot visible.

• Suspension components and radiator braces appear rot-free with just some light surface rust.

• Car had some sort of louvers at one point, and the screws for the front brackets are still there, as well as the spring pins that we assume were for the back of the louvers. The louvers weren't on it when the current owner bought it, so we can't be sure about that. We're just making an educated guess.

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