Why this is a valuable automobile: The skeleton of the Berlina is a C-3 Corvette. The skin is specially custom bodied in the Retro-Mercedes 540K style. Either you applaud this design, or it disgusts you in which case you are not a potential buyer! In addition, not many Berlinas were actually constructed and as a result they hardly ever come onto the, two, maybe three a there are few and they are rarely available. There are those who feel that a low mileage, original example of any collectible is the most desirable. Maybe this view has merit, but the problem is that there is a limited amount of owner pleasure that is derived from just having a possession and not being able to use it. For instance, there are many collectibles that have value because they are "new in box...never used"...but if you take it out of the box, or use it...poof...value decreases. What's the point if you cannot use it? The similar problem with "low mileage, original" cars is that if you ever use them you are slowly dissipating that value. The more you use it, the less it is low mileage. Personally that does not give me pleasure. On the other hand there are the possessions that are no longer in this category and which you can use and derive pleasure from...race around town, glow with the admiring and envious glances of passers by...especially when from members of the opposite sex...admire the reflection of your car in store windows as you cruise by...and the like. For those who like to derive "use pleasure" from their possessions, then a well maintained or restored specimen is more desirable that the low mileage version that cannot be used. In the case of THIS Berlina, you have the basic value of a hot Corvette chassis, the aesthetic appeal of the spectacular custom bodywork, and the tricked out engine and compartment in a nicely maintained and upgraded overall package. Your can use this vehicle and get the adrenaline rush without ruining its value. Figure it this way: 1) custom bodied, 2) C-3 Corvette, 3) Hot Custom $$ Engine, and 4) Tons of $$ spent on upgrades and restoration and this Berlina is One-of-a-Kind and worth the asking price. I will, however, consider reasonable, close offers.

1980 Berlina T-Top Coupe - by Phillips - RARE and HOT !!
This is a very rare car indeed...rarer even than by Berlina standards. Only 87 were ever built, only a few of these in the T-Top style, and even fewer in the (many believe) more aesthetically pleasing version without the sidemount tires, and NONE OTHERS have the engine compartment and chassis upgrades contained in this vehicle. The engine alone would cost over $20,000 to replicate at today's costs. Originally the Berlina was factory built by the Phillips Motor Car Company, in Pompano Beach. Designed by Phillips & marketed by Byron R.Cooper of Coopers Corvette Center from 1980 to 1983 only. This car was built on a 1979 Chevy Corvette C-3 all Corvette running gear...and with many performance upgrades, so parts are easy to get. The body has been upgraded to look like the 1983 Berlina models (sans the sidemounts) and has only 6800 showing on the odometer since all the upgrades which included a new fully rebuilt and customized 350V8 Corvette engine (complete list of upgrades available upon request...but it would run close to $20K to recreate at todays costs), rebuilt upgraded automatic transmission, show engine compartment, red paint, saddle leather interior, new gas shocks, springs, differential/ratio, o-ring brake caliphers, steering mechanism, new speedo that reads 165 MPH, (not the standard 85 MPH), new universals, tires, 4 real wire wheels, removable t-tops - that don't leak, wood steering wheel & dash, dual trumpet horns, twin fog lamps, all new ice cold air conditioning, heater, tilt wheel, power brakes, steering, and windows, with Berlina emblems everywhere, billet aluminum parts under the hood...a 2-piece metal hood. This car is a very fast daily driver, has the 1936 Mercedes styling - very clean lines indeed, and won't last long !!! The previous owner clearly loved this Berlina...and had substantial disposable income to support his lust! Only one discriminating buyer can enjoy this "Berlina's Berlina". Once it is gone, there will never be another. Click the "Buy It Now" link and it can be you!

This is not a distress sale and my holding costs (storage) are low. I just need to simplify my life. The Berlinas have reached the bottom of their depreciation curve, are now collectible, and will begin to appreciate in value over time and as the general economy recovers. While I will consider any reasonably close offer, low-ball offers will be ignored. This car needs to go to someone who can appreciate its merits and value and who will give it a good home!



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