1982 Greenwood Daytona
Why do people put such crappy pics up whe they want so much money.........

Hello and your looking at a 1982 Greenwood Daytona Short Tail http://www.greenwoodcorvettes.com/GalleryDaytonaReplicas.html this is the link to Greenwood. She only has 64,000 original miles on her and has been sitting in storage for a year and need some TLC. This car at one time and still is an eye catcher and has won Awards that will go with her. She has a few scraps but nothing major.The Tilte says original miles on it and she has all of the stock items still on here except the radio and exhaust system. The right person with this beauty could make her over and be in shows and take 1st many times. The paint is still in extreemly good condition and runs perfect. Anyone interested can cal me or email me for more Information and or Pictures

Thanks for looking and Good Luck.


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