Vehicle Description

You are bidding on the most absolutely BEAUTIFUL! and very rare 1981 corvette convertible car sat in garage most of it's life and only used in show's. This car was bought in 80ís by fellow in Tennessee ,he had bought it at a corvette show in Charlotte N.C. he had used it as a show car for many years and really did not know what he bought, just liked it and and had to have it so he stroked a check for it. I did some research and it turnís out as most of you know they never made a 1981 convertible but greenwood made 28 of these convertible bodyís for ZORA ARKUS DUNTOV a corvette enthuses who made a number or turbo in this body in 1981 most were white. We are not real sure but car does have his most coveted signatures steering wheel which was only available with his car, car is fully loaded original paint and no stress crackís that we can find anywhere, car runís and drive absolutely perfect is and is one of a kind being this color and low miles and fully loaded, you most certainly be the talk of the town, we are going to offer this classic convertible at no reserve so donít wait till the end to bid car will most likely never make it till the end please donít wait and miss out on the most unique buy on eBay. You will not be disappointed.


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