1977 Metal flaked

Vehicle Description 

1977 Corvette This is the information the previous owner gave to me. He says he put about $35,000 into the restoration. I bought the car from him on a whim but I rarely drive it (maybe 200 miles) and most of the time it is just around the block to keep the battery charged. Here is the info: Electric doors French antenna Nitrous oxide system Halogen system on board Immobilization key system 373 Gears Peal Blue Magenta with prism flakes-18 coats of “Clear”-$8,500 invested Front and back ground effects all molded into the body Black factory leather interior Racing automatic transmission Headers with ‘Flowmasters’ exhaust All wiring and vacuum hoses new Tilt and telescopic steering column 350 CI HO engine Horsepower: 345 @ 5600 RPM Max RPM @ 5600 Camshaft: Hydraullic Roller Crankshaft: Forged steel 4-bolt main caps Rods: Chevy forged pink rods Cyclinder heads: Corvette aluminum 1.94 intake 1.50 exh. 58CC There are a few minor problems such as a coulpe of knobs need to be replaced. Sometimes the passenger window needs help. The passenger door needs adjustment. Also, I am not sure about the air conditioning and heating system because I never have turned either of them on. I know one thing, someone who wants to go fast will be able to do so in this car.

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