1975 CanAm

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Growing up in a small town in Canada I was never blessed with a car rich culture like in the United States. I would sit around listening to the Beach Boys, and believed someday I would be able to live the California dream. Fast cars, beautiful women, and a rocking party at every beach. The car of my choice was the Corvette of course! I didn’t know what Vette I wanted, just that I wanted one. Then one day I was watching TV and I saw the Can Am Corvettes racing, it was the most beautiful car I had ever seen! I was fully aware that it was a race car and not a street car, but I just couldn’t get that car out of my mind. Then in 1978 the movie “Corvette Summer” came out, my world stopped...I need that car! Years later I would move to California, get married, raise a family and never get that car. Somewhere along the way my dreams of owning that car disappeared. Then one day some 25 years after dreaming of owning that car I was at a local Corvette car show, and in the front row was the car of my dreams. All my old feelings came back. As I talked to the owner and expressed my feelings for his car, he told me it might be For Sale. That’s all I needed to hear, I couldn’t get to the bank fast enough. As I was handing over the money my mind was racing with the thoughts of my youth. I would cruise this car till the tires fell off, every girl would want a ride in it, every guy would want it...I would be the envy of every living person. Now that I owned this little beauty I needed to figure out my next move. The car was painted in 2002 by “WINK” with a flame paint job, the flames change colors depending on what angle your looking at it from. The paint is spectacular from 10 feet away, it’s beautiful from 5 feet away, but from 2 feet away you can you can see imperfections and a couple cracks (mostly on the front spoiler). Would I repaint the car or just drive it? The interior Is that of a 32 year old car. The seats aren’t ripped, but the car could use a nice custom interior. So would I do the interior or just leave it and enjoy it? The car is a factory 4 speed car, and the motor, transmission, and brakes are all stock. Now do I build a monster motor for the car, or just leave it with the stock power train? So many question, and so few answers. The only answer I can give you is this... The car has been sitting in a state of limbo for the past couple of years. It starts and drives, but I would not drive the car coast to coast without having a mechanic give it the once over. The tires look like new, but under close inspection you can see some cracking in them. The car is also missing the stereo, but the dash was not cut, and the center cap of the steering wheel is missing. After wanting this car so bad why would I sell it? Because I realized that the car wasn’t the dream, it’s what it represented.
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