Showroom New & Loaded 1980 Chevrolet Corvette L82!

Vehicle Description 

IF ONLY this was an ultra low mileage, completely original Corvette! Oh wait ... it is! How frequently do you find a car in this shape? This car is exactly as delivered, with ALL of its original paint, ALL of its original interior, and 99% of its original running gear. 

That would be special, but, in this case, that’s not even CLOSE to the highlight of this car! We not only have piles of paperwork, but a view directly into the mind of the person who ordered it! Read on! 

Mr. William Walker of Arlington VA went to his local dealership, JKJ Chevrolet, in Tysons Corners and picked himself up a brochure on the new ’80 Corvette. Here, in the shadow of the nation’s capitol, he sat down with a black felt pen and underlined or checked off all the options his new pride and joy would have. Dark Blue metallic paint with beige leather, the L82 high performance engine, automatic transmission, glass T-tops, cruise, rear defrost, power locks, AM/FM/cassette with power antenna and dual rear speakers, aluminum wheels, Gymkhana (autocross/heavy duty) suspension and a heavy duty battery. I’ll call this fully loaded, as the only options he left on the assembly line were the exterior T-top carrier and the trailer-ing package! Seriously, you could order one—on a Corvette! 

Also on this brochure were the jotted notes from the salesman where they toyed around with the price, and it’s pretty close to what’s on the buyer’s agreement, which also comes with the car! Mr. Walker brought two deposit checks totaling $6100 for his new purchase (we have the receipts,) got $2950 for his trade, and financed the remaining $7780.29…at 18.39%! It took guts to buy a new sports car in the height of stagflation! Undaunted, Mr. Walker took delivery of his new, special ordered baby on April 21, 1980. 

As evidenced by its documented warranty history, Mr. Walker was a demanding fellow. The car was returned for such catastrophic failures such as loose door jamb screws and a misbehaving T-top seal…twice! Obviously, this fanatical attention to GM’s quality control was mirrored onto the car’s care at home, as it’s finish, running condition and interior condition are without equal. Imagine purchasing a new Corvette, and rolling up less than 4500 miles before the warranty ran out! 

About the only deviations from stock during those early years was a set of wire spoke wheels and a Delco CB radio. Thankfully, Mr. Walker saw fit to retain his original units so that they are here for you today. The car traded hands in 2001, where it crossed the Mason-Dixon Line into Maryland but still remaining in the Capitol region. By its 21st birthday, the car had managed to roll 8,057 miles since new! Its Maryland inspection report shows the only issue at that time being a burnt out headlight! The next owner continued the trend of using the Corvette with extreme prejudice, as the mileage slowly rolled to the 11,460 show today. 

Here’s a list of what I can find that’s been changed along the way: the aforementioned headlight, four tires (original type Goodyear raised white letter tires,) the steering wheel (it was stained, and replaced under warranty,) the battery, the oil, a transmission fluid flush in ’03, and the addition of a chrome air cleaner lid (we have the original black lid.) That’s it! Otherwise, this car is assembly line fresh, and looks as you’d expect a time machine to appear. 

These “swan song” gen 3 Corvettes had some bright spots, and this is one of them. GM produced 40,614 Corvettes in 1980, but only 5,069 had the L82 Engine like this car has. Rated at an ultra-conservative, ’70’s spec 250HP, this car definitely has the moves to back up the curves beyond its numbers. Coupled with its condition, this car is the epitome of investment grade. Add in the paperwork, and you’ve got one of the most special Corvettes money can buy! Don't wait on this one!

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