May 10, 2008

Stopping to fill up in Avon, Ohio for the drive to Sharon Center, Ohio. For the move to the new house.....
It's funny, but when we first moved here in August of 1999, all that was here was a gas station. Now there's Dunks, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, 4 new traffic lights, a couple of restaurants... obviously, it's time to go. The quaint little town is quaint no more.

some where in between the two towns cruising down route 83 through miles of country side farm land.... Once we got out of "town" most of the drive looked a lot like this:

a train in the distance...... a short delay though... only counted 37 cars

At (new) home at last. A wonderful cruise that fell a few feet short. Just 3 houses down from the new house, the car died. I thought it was a fuel issue but it's getting gas. No time to worry about that right now.. still have packing for the movers to do....... Still a good day :)


Sharon Center, Ohio












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