October 6 ~ 7 , 2007

It started when we bought our first brand new car. A 1986 Chevrolet Astro. We had a new car and no place to go, so we drove 30 miles to Gloucester Massachusetts for an ice cream. Since then, every time we put a car on the road, we make an ice cream run.

but earlier in the day, I took the Corvette out for a shake down run on my own. Of course, the interior guts were still hanging out all over the place, and it was unseasonably hot. It was 86 degrees outside. Second, without the vacuum controls hooked up, the heat was on. WAY on.

So, after 15 miles of enjoyable albeit increasingly temped motoring, I knew I needed to shut the blast furnace off before the ice cream run.

The console and gauge pod are new replacement pieces I'd purchased over the past 5 years. The ash tray lid though is as I'd first air brushed it back in 1995. It's tacky looking now, but I'll address that further down the road when the interior gets redone. At least the heat's OFF.

Electric Blvd, Avon Lake Ohio. On the road with T Tops off, loud exhaust and late afternoon sun. (We're passing the Police station, on the right)

Petrucci's. Elyria Ohio

October 7, 2007. 

It's official. 

Gee, that front end doesn't look so bad from 30 feet away with a belly full of strawberry shortcake ice cream.












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