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January 1999

stroke me baby.. yeah.. just like that..

One thing I learned in the "funnybug" years, was, if you're going "in".. go all the way in. And Jason seems to have the same tendency. So when it came time to fix the timing chain and bent pushrods, he opted to just rebuild the whole damn thing and do all the upgrades he had planned for, all at one time.

So he sent the block out to the machine shop and had it stroked out to a 383.

Which as we all know is relieving the block and installing a crank with a longer stroke

And while you're in there you obviously need new slugs

..and something to keep it all wet inside.

The intake manifold was no longer of the caliber of its new home so it got sent out as well


and let's just say the new fuel pump needed to be regulated

And you wouldn't put dirty underwear on with a clean suit would you?

and this is all you need to see and know about for now....

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