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Jason takes over ~ 1996

There's an unseen power in Corvettes. I thought it was just me, but Jason seemed to experience the same power that grabbed me back in 1965 when he took over ownership of the vette. The first thing he did was give it a bath and take some "baby" pictures of it. In this state, here, it's dubbed JLCVET. yet to attain Project Y status.

The color combination took a little getting used to. It's list as 75L red. (The L is for lacquer) and the interior is Camel. However, after looking at what must be thousands of Corvette pictures, I prefer the Camel color to black, as 90 % of the red ones have black or red interiors. And the cloth seats have held up wonderfully.

Here's that genuine walnut Grant steering wheel mentioned on the beginnings page. Amazingly, this wheel first appeared in our lives covered in yellow paint and attached to one of the dune buggies we had purchased during the Funnybug years. It wasn't until some paint peeled off that we realized there was real wood under that yellow paint. 

That oil pressure gauge doesn't work to this day, which is a little comforting actually as you'll see on the following pages..

Jobs were changing all through the Canney camp, and Jason took a job in Denver. Because I was still not working, I made the road trip with him from Salem Mass, out to Denver in July of 1996. No, I'm not lazy, I was just trying to break into the profession I had just completed school for.

Outside grandma's house in Salem Mass.

Here we are in Gary Indiana. I'm not going to say anything derogatory of Gary, but, beware of any city where you can actually taste the air.

Half way through Nebraska, the brakes went out on the rental truck. Lucky for us, our experience with many Volkswagens and the vette, we could both drive without brakes. Here we are in Joe Dye's dealership learning that the only place that can fix the truck is up the road about 50 miles at a lawn and tractor shop in Cozad, Nebraska. Cozad has since become an unofficial required stop whenever any of us drives cross country. It's a lot like Hazzard county. Just no Dukes. It's also where Monroe shocks come from. In the end, I dubbed the whole experience "Jason's exit adventures". Every exit we took, it was always something...

After Merle got the brake booster welded up, we finally arrived in Denver. I've concluded through deductive reasoning, that the damage to the front of the car must have been from the (obvious) kids that owned and abused the car driving with bad brakes and using the emergency brake as a brake.  The emergency brake was long, long gone when I brought it home.

I'm not exactly sure what happened here when we were returning the rental truck in Denver, but I think it goes something like, Jason had just been told he had to sweep out the truck or be charged a cleaning fee, to which his response to Latisha was, "How about you sweep it out and I won't sue your ass(es) off for sending me 2000 miles cross country with no brakes and a chunk missing out of the tire".

I swept it out, but I'm sure she swept the parking lot afterward. (bitch)

So, we took a ride, with 2 rear brakes working through the mountains of Denver. And I do mean "through"

Neither of us was prepared for what was about to happen.....


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