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In the beginning........

It was 1965. I was 13 years old and in love with cars. As I would, I hopped on my bike and went on one of my extended cruising expeditions. I don't remember many of them in particular, but I remember this one. I ended up at the Chevrolet dealership of Bob Brest in Lynn, Massachusetts. Bob Brest was at the head of the "Lynnway", a mile of car dealerships. It was one of those expeditions where I hit all the dealerships for brochures of all the cars I thought were cool, so it must have been August or maybe September. I wish I knew to hang onto those sales brochures. but then again.. who knew.

After I picked up my brochure of the Corvettes, I got back on my bike, and meandered through the lot. Then I saw it. A Daytona Blue Metallic Corvette Sting Ray with a contrasting blue interior. It was a 1963 coupe. The only year they had a split rear window. I put my hand on the door handle and pushed the button. It opened! Of course I got in. I just sat there taking it all in. It was a cosmic moment in time. The gods of speed and horsepower grabbed my emotional nerve and shook the hell out of me. I have to have one of these.  

Just like the kid in this commercial .

As I pushed the chrome button and the electric window descended, a salesman yelled - "HEY KID GET OUT OF THERE!"

Hey kid my ass.. 

30 years later, probably just as many cars, (and none of them Corvettes), I found myself out of work, depressed, and driving by my favorite used car dealer. He had a 1981 Red vette sitting on his lot, in a somewhat sad shape, but it started and sounded pretty good! And at $199.98 a month, what could I say. He didn't seem too concerned that I didn't have a job, (or maybe I forgot to mention it), but it was one of those buy here, pay here places anyway. And I had already bought 2 Fiero's and an El Dorado from him. And hey.. It is a Corvette!

Out of work, no money coming in, poor boy and one sad sack vette.

True, the nose wasn't too pretty, The brakes worked if you pumped them 2 or 3 times, The alloy wheels were dull and pitted, and there was some funky dark film stuck to the inside rear window. A Diamond in the rough. And.. It IS a Corvette!

I've got a cool mom. She LOVES "Sting Rays". Always has. So the first thing I did, after I replaced the master cylinder, was take her out for a day in the vette. She was a little critical about the fact that it didn't actually say "Sting Ray" though. Pretty sharp, that mom of mine. Here she is, in 1995, at a youthful 78 years, with the newest Canney Family member.

She's 78! And LOVES Corvettes!

Now, I'm one of those people that believes if you have a Corvette.. DRIVE IT! Besides, I didn't have any money to start a whole restoration process anyways. So I did. I drove it everywhere. I drove it on job interviews, I drove it to school, hell, I even drove it to the corner store at the end of my street! And... 

Call the Vette Police! He's driving it in the snow!!!

.. in the snow. I know every Corvette owner reading this just cringed and called me some name, but, by December of 1995, money was running real tight, and you drive what you have. By now, I had replaced the rear brakes, scraped that bad window film job off the back window (essentially rendering the defroster useless) and replaced the desecrated stock steering wheel with a wooden Grant wheel that was working it's way from car to car. (Lasted up through my Nova which was sold in 2002).

Actually, the car is great in the snow. That posi-traction rear end is sweet. But, the reality was, I couldn't afford to keep it much longer without a job. (by now I was going to school full time). So, as it turned out.. one of my sons wanted the vette.. so I had to make a decision.. lose the vette or let him take it over. So the story changes here from my Corvette to my son's Corvette to the "FAMILY" Corvette.. Which, takes many a myriad of twists, turns, and money. 

Lots and lots of money.


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